As a faculty member of The University of South Florida College of Medicine, you are an important asset. Through your efforts we continue to grow and develop. For this reason, The University of South Florida College of Medicine takes a special interest in your well being on and off the job. With this as an important consideration, The University of South Florida College of Medicine, offers a Faculty Assistance Program (FAP).

Most people at some point in their lives experience what is called a “major life stress.” Examples may include financial worries, marital difficulty, separation or divorce, drug or alcohol problems, child and adolescent concerns, etc. These may be concerns that affect you directly or indirectly regardless of age, gender or job. Generally, you can deal with your own problems and manage them successfully. When problems grow beyond your ability to deal with them, you can be affected emotionally, physically, socially and occupationally.

In recognition of these important concerns, we have established your FAP through the aid of Gary L.Wood & Associates, P.A. – an organization specializing in the design and administration of similar programs with major organizations across the country. Wood & Associates is staffed with highly qualified professionals who are available to provide guidance and assistance.
Your contact with the FAP is confidential as provided within the parameters of professional ethics, The University of South Florida College of Medicine contract, and applicable state and federal law.
The services of the Faculty Assistance Program are available to you and any dependent eligible for insurance benefits whether or not they are currently covered under your policy.
Up to the first three (3) visits by you and/or each of your dependents to your FAP are at no charge to you or your family member. Additional contacts may be covered by your behavioral health insurance plan. If testing is recommended, the costs will be the expense of the client or may be covered by your behavioral health insurance.

There probably will be charges for most of the professional resources to which you may be referred by your FAP representative.

Through experience, Wood & Associates has found that many people contacting an FAP want assessment and support from an FAP representative for personal, marital or family problems. Behavioral health insurance benefits may provide coverage for concerns requiring treatment. In some cases, your FAP representative may suggest clinics, as opposed to private practitioners as a further step toward the lowest possible costs. Every case, every problem, every budget is different. There may very well be low cost or no-cost ways to resolve your problem. One thing is certain, however; it won’t cost you anything to find out.
1) Your FAP is easily accessed by dialing a designated phone line: (813) 871-1293
2) If you are out of area, you may dial (800) 343-4670 toll free
3) The USF Health, Office of Faculty Affairs will be glad to assist you with your FAP needs. Please call (813) 974-5105 for more information.

The FAP phone is answered “live” both during regular office hours and by the after-hours service. During evening hours or holidays, a live answering service will take your call and an FAP representative “on call” will respond promptly. All you have to say is that you are calling the FAP.

Wood & Associates' corporate office is located at:

Habana Medical & Professional Building
4700 North Habana Avenue, Suite 300
Tampa, Florida 33614
Nearly everyone finds it difficult to begin talking about a problem. Most problems are not easy to define and have been around long enough to have become complicated. Making the first contact by calling your FAP can be a major step in resolving the largest of problems. Remember, the people you talk to will be warm, sympathetic, and understanding.

Your FAP representative will help you identify your problem and find a qualified resource near your work or home to help you. Remember, this is not a treatment program; rather, it is an assessment, support, and referral program. After talking with you or a member of your family about the problem that prompted the call, your FAP representative will find the best source of help.
  • Problems that can be resolved by counseling or therapy:
    • Marital problems
    • Troubled children/adolescents
    • Distress, anxiety, depression, other emotional concerns
  • Alcohol/drug use/abuse/dependency of personal or family nature
  • Problems that are typically resolved by the courts:
    • Divorce, child support
    • Property/lease suits
    • Court orders
    • Imprisonment
  • Money or credit problems
  • Other problem areas of concern:
    • Care for aged/infirm
    • Local social services
    • Learning disabilities
    • Battered spouse
    • Vocational/aptitude testing
    • Immigration
    • Sex counseling
  • Individual crisis situations such as rape, assault, robbery, suicide or other life-threatening trauma
Most of the above problems can be even more complicated because they tend to have a rippling effect, i.e., very often one’s health/concentration is affected. This, in turn, can affect one’s work. While the FAP is neither a legal nor a loan agency, it can assist you in finding appropriate help in those areas. Even if you are not the one who directly has the problem, you may need help. Very often, an individual feels responsible (or actually is responsible) for another. If your spouse seems to have a drinking problem, or your child appears to be experiencing difficulty with friends, you may still experience distress.
Your FAP is a voluntary, confidential program to assist in finding help with a variety of problems. There are no charges for you or your eligible dependents for up to the first three (3) FAP contacts. Additional contacts may be covered by your behavioral health insurance plan. Any testing that may be recommended is at the expense of the client unless also covered by behavioral health insurance. The client is responsible for any charges by professional resources to which he/she may be referred. Your FAP representative will help you determine the best and most cost-effective means of dealing with your problem.

Remember all information is kept confidential within the parameters of professional ethics, University of South Florida College of Medicine contract, and applicable state and federal law.

Finally, the only thing you have to lose is the problem.
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